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Meet Evan Gray Design

Evan Gray grew up surrounded by creativity in small town North Carolina. Born with a deep love and appreciation for art, design and photography, as a kid his ideas of fun included rearranging his room and playing with the placement of furniture. He would accessorize various spaces in his childhood home and paint for fun. His love for interior design is an intrinsic aspect of his personality, something that has always been with him. Asa self taught designer on a mission to make the world more beautiful, people took note of Evan’s drive and work ethic - not to mention his incredible eye for detail - and began to ask his opinion on aspects of their home.

Ashis portfolio grew, it became clear that people gravitated toward his projects for their distinctive blend of edginess paired with classic elements. Evan embraced his calling as a designer by forming Evan Gray Design as a creative outlet to express himself and share his vision with others. In Evan’s work, you will find an abundance of natural and organic touches, layered objects and bold patterns. When asked what his favorite part of the design process is, he responds, "Creating relationships with my clients and getting to know each person involved... Seeing the entire project come to life has to be my favorite part". Evan’s passion for captivating design and love of his projects and clients is at the heart of what makes Evan Gray Design Company a unique addition to the world of design. Evan creates spaces that are both timeless and expressive of the ones who live there. When others step through his designed spaces, their personality and style shine.


Interior Design

Designed for those who are wanting guidance from start to finish.

We are here to assist you with finish selections, paint colors, furniture placement and all of the major decisions that go into new builds and renovations. Designs are presented through the use of vision boards and drawings.


Interior Styling

Designed for those who are needing a home refresh.

Achieving a perfectly put together aesthetic that you get to call home. We carefully source, select and place all of the product in your home. From your living room bookshelves to your patio, we gather pieces that are needed to elevate your space.


Seas0nal Decorating

Designed for those are wanting to decorate for a specific season or holiday in their home or business.

We are here to bring your vision to life no matter the season. From fresh florals in the spring to elaborate holiday magic in the winter, celebrate the seasons to come with us. There is nothing like an Evan Gray Design holiday!

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Event Decorating

We work closely with our clients to create and organize a theme that results in an event like you've never seen before. Lush tablescapes created by our team have your guest attending the finest event.

Designed for those who gravitate towards our unique aesthetic and would like to bring our flair to your special event.

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