Evan Gray grew up in a small town in North Carolina where he was surrounded by creativity everyday. Evan has always had an appreciation for art, design and photography. As a young kid, he would rearrange his room and play with the placement of furniture, accessories and paint for fun, this is where his love for interior design came from. With Evan being self taught and his strong work ethic people began to ask his opinions and wanted to hear his thoughts on certain aspects of their home. With design being his calling, he was able to create Evan Gray Design as a creative outlet where he could express himself. With Evan's style being so different and his attention to detail, people quickly gravitated towards Evan's projects. Evan is known for mixing different elements in a room that are the perfect blend of edginess but still remaining fresh and classic. You will find an abundance of natural/organic touches, layered objects and bold patterns in all of his designs. When asked what his favorite part of the design process is, Evan says "creating relationships with my clients and getting to know each person involved and seeing the entire project come to life has to be my favorite part". From the initial consultation, to the brainstorming/designing stage, to install day, Evan will ensure that his clients visions get brought to life. 

Based in Wilmington, NC

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